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Legal Advocate

Jackson's C.L.A.S.S., Inc. provides free civil legal consultation* to low income families, elders, victims of violent crimes, and people with disabilities in the areas of housing law, family law, government benefits including Social Security disability, elder law, education law, and consumer law.

*Consultation only. JCI does not represent participants in court for civil or criminal matters.

LGBQ/T+ Resources

We offer youth, young adults, and adults with culturally appropriate resources and support with getting connected to affirming care.

Through our monthly LGBQ/T+ Empowerment Group, we create space for peers to come together to talk about everyday life, healing from trauma, and creating lifelong friendships.

We also offer resources and education to friends and families of LGBQ/T+ folx.

Helping Hands

Advocates work alongside individuals and families impacted by violence (intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and/or sexual violence) to provide education through a cultural-specific lens and resources available to them.

Employment & Education

Participants seeking to expand on their skills in the workforce will receive assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, and finding the job that best suits their individual skill set. Additional support provided to individuals with negative marks on their CORI's.

We also offer assistance with applying for higher education, completing the FAFSA, essay writing, and applying for scholarships.

Youth Leadership 

Through mentoring, our Young Leaders Program teaches youth and young adults the life skills needed for them to thrive in today's society. The program is inclusive of: 

Health and Self-Esteem Enrichment

Healthy Relationships

Financial Management

Higher Education and the Workforce

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